In a fast-paced world, it’s more than import for freelancer and company to be up to date and to be aware of last news released about technology, politic, media,… but let’s be honest: that’s not that simple.
Silobreaker collects data from hundreds of thousands of open sources including news, blogs, forums, feeds and social media and by analytically processing millions of articles from hundreds of thousands of sources, in real-time, Silobreaker serves up contextualised views and situation pictures.


Founded in 2005, Silobreaker is now one of the biggest company in the domain of data collection.
A sophisticated and powerful intelligence product that is being used in corporate, government, military and financial services sectors worldwide.

So that’s why we thought it would be important to build a friendly and easy-to-use website that would reflect their software.
A mobile first website giving the user a direct access to what he really cares about.


  • Design: The Web Kitchen
  • Development: Yves Amabili
  • Responsiveness: Works on tablets and mobiles
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